Switching from B2B to B4B STORE
Increase your revenue, and decrease operational cost

Keep your business open 24/7 thanks to the mobile and desktop device compatible B4B store!

Accelerate your automotive spare parts business with custom Android and iOS applications designed exclusively for your business.
99.9% of customers switch to us are satisfied
Noticeable growth in a company's sales revenue
Well development B2B mechanism that handles many functionalties for your trade company.
Increasing overall your customers experience
Strategies and continuously optimizing the B2B e-commerce experience have created the B4B System to be unbeateble.
Integration with ERP Systems
Integrate your B4 Store e-commerce with your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems will automate order processing, inventory updates, and invoicing.
Efficient and powerful search algorithm
Fast search process that returns in 1 second the exact product including sales conditions for each customer seperetely.
B4B Store 4 Automotive Spare Part
Compatible Spare Part Management
Extra opportunities for diverse product ranges with advance searching mechanism.
User Friendly Design
Informative E-commerce web site to distinguish and increase the use of your web site.
Pricing Strategy
It provides pricing incentives for bulk orders to build trust to with your customers.
Customization in Sales Conditions
400 different customization. It is the key aspects in trade having different Sales condiitons with your customers.
Data-Driven Decisions and Reports
Critical data  based on a customer's purchase history is crucial for your inventory management and pricing.
Artificial Intelligence Supported Software
Utilize AI to conduct stock and price analysis, enabling you to optimize sales timing and increase profitability.
B4B Expertise at Your Service
Manage your business quickly, easily
With B4B Store, effortlessly manage customer orders, seize new business opportunities, access detailed reports, and monitor your operations seamlessly whether you're on your computer or mobile device.
New World of B4B Store
The most important reasons to work with B4B Store
200+ B2B customers in our secure infrastructure
$1 Bil+
More than $1 billion volume every month in B4B Store e-commerce
5+ times higher performance than classic B2B platforms
Developed with a specific focus on the Automotive Industry
Empowering Automotive Spare Parts Industry Excellence
Effortlessly grasp your customer's requirements with our advanced OEM number system and reference finder module designed for the Automotive Industry.
Customers shifted to B4B STORE